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This is lmp3 v0.0.6. By Loco3KGT ( )
      and severely modified by Maldon ( )

Homepage is at

What is it?
Well, for those of us w/ one hella mp3 collection, it's simple program that will walk a directory structure in search of mp3s and then output a XMMS/X11AMP/mpg123 friendly playlist (it's really just the absolute location of the mp3). I made this app cause I have over 650 mp3s and I sort them all out by making a nice directory tree. However, trying to add that to a playlist sucks horribly. Of course, I've noticed that xmms has an Add Dir button, so that ruins it's purpose. However, I now use mpg123 and this works perfectly for it. It's also helpful to those people who randomly download mp3s and need to hunt them down.

What are the drawbacks?

The number one drawback is that _I_ ( coded it. I'm not some m4d d3m0n c0d3r that knows all of the right moves, but this program is rather small and effective. Although I could probably make it a tad bit more effecient, it's pretty good for my first functional program in Linux.

The second drawback is (and this is directly related to drawback #1), that since I coded it I had to make my mp3s compatible with my program. At this point most poeple would say "Why not make your lame ass program compatible with the mp3 file names?" Well, first of all, (you flamin tree huggin hippie that said that ever soo rudely to me), I wanted my mp3s to not be some whacko VFAT lookin file name with spaces and special commie characters and crap, so I ran my friends mp3renx program in directories that lmp3 reported errors in (mp3renx can be had at ) (extra sidenote : Maldon informed me that lmp3 actually did read in spaces and stuff without any glitches. If it works for you please email me and tell me so I'll know. Seeing how I don't have any non-conforming mp3s I can't test this myself. thanks.. if it doesn't work, use mp3renx). Mp3renx removes whacko characters and spaces so I no longer have to use quotes and what not to move my mp3s (that's damn irritating if you ask me). So, a suggestion: lmp3 won't try to add a file if it returns an error (atleast it's not supposed to), but if it does, run mp3renx in the faulty directory and it will fix the problem with the filenames its' having problems with.

The third drawback? Functionality. This program functions, myself and Maldon have no probs with it. However, It doesn't have a lot of special neat-o stuff like other programs like it might. Come to think of it, I only know of one other program like it (search for "playlist" on freshmeat) and I haven't even downloaded it. All I can tell you is that this program will eventually be tested in DOS/WIN9X and be made compatible with WINAMP.

What's in store for the future?
v0.0.6 -> ability to specify multiple directories with the --path option

vx.x.x -> ability to communicate with lmp3 on different computers and stream mp3s to mpg123 on another computer


Version 0.0.6 Nov 20 2000

Skip in version numbers due to rapid development by the caffeine loaded Maldon.

--Added ability to launch mpg123 directly
--Added ability to sort playlist after building it
--Added ability to ignore or follow symlinks

Report bugs to

Version 0.0.2 Nov 19 2000
Marc McGarry ( ) ported it C++ (by his own free will *cough*).
Works primarily by commands passed to it now.
Output to STDOUT or directly to a file.

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Version 0.0.1 Feb 08 2000
Initial release.
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